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ODOUREX is a special concentrated deodorant for use on dustbins, waste heaps, sewage and similar areas where odour is a problem

Uses a potent blend of essential oils, designed to absorb and cover mal odours from a wide variety of sources. This product is not a disinfectant and should not be used when sterilisation is required. 

DIRECTIONS: For toilets and urinals add a few ccs of ODOUREX to the cistern. For refuse heaps use two parts in one hundred parts of water and spray the source area. For bins, etc., rinse with a 2% solution to keep sweet. For sewage use about 2 parts per million by drip feed. For cleaning 1% may be added to most clean,ng solutions to give a powerful extra deodorising affect. Useful for carpet and fabrics or any surface for which extra deodorisation is required. For use on offal dumps spray with neat material. 

Garbage Dumpster
Odourex: Product
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